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We will deliver “turn-key logistics” to our customers.


As the Japanese business environment continues to diversify and expand so must logistic services adapt toward a global business environment.
More today than ever logistics plays a strategic role in business development and is no longer an inconsequential department.
Nissan Butsuryu Co., Ltd. has been taking care of logistics, in an environmentally safe manner, for over 95 years in the chemical industry.
We aim to create a turn-key logistics service using state of the art technology and best management practices.


Our company was established in June 1922 as Taisho Unsou Co. Ltd., at the Dainippon Jinzo Hiryo Corporation Nanao plant which is the predecessor of Nissan Chemical Corporation.

In 1927 our headquarters were moved to Tokyo and the company name was changed to Nissan Yusou Co., Ltd. in 1973.
The logistics department of Seiwa Sangyo Industry Co., Ltd., was merged with Nissan Yusou and the name was changed to Nissan Butsuryu Co., Ltd. in 2002.
As the logistics company for the Nissan Chemical Group, we have been responsible for transport operation, acceptance, shipping and packing operations of Nissan’s chemical plants.
The philosophy of management is “contributing to society through technology and services with features that are responsible for logistics competitiveness of the group logistics “WE have over 95 years experience in transportation and storage services, handling chemicals, both inside and outside the Nissan Group.
We are highly trusted by our customers.

As a logistics company dedicated to providing its customers with a sense of security and safety, Nissan Butsuryu Co., Ltd. is committed to working within the four pillars of RC activities; “environmental protection”“Safety Distribution” “Disaster Prevention” “Occupational Safety and Health”.

We are committed to improving the quality of service and to the reduction of claims in contract work.
In addition, we ensure compliance and risk management to improve the environmental issues.

Our company motto “More quickly and accurately”, reflects our strong desire to meet the needs of our customers.
In 2002 we established an order acceptance center making full use of the information and communication technology at Toyama Works.
Based on this technology, we aim to became a proposal-based logistics company This system provides innovative logistics services that are 3PL (Third Party Logistics),and can be linked to SCM (Supply Chain Management), of our customers.

We will work with an eye to enhancing our ability to meet today’s increasingly complex market needs without ever losing sight of our corporate roots.
This is the shared vision that drives us forward in sustainable growth.
We hope to further your understanding and support.

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