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International Logistics

Nissan Butsuryu’s Global Logistics connects the ports of Japan and around the world with each other.

Transportation (Land, Sea, Air)

Expand the export and import procedures in Japan

Transportation (Land, Sea, Air)

We offer the most efficient route network that spans the harbor in Japan.
Please feel free to contact us for export and import procedures Dagang 6 (Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, Moji) and others.

We choose optimal routes and combinations of transport (ship, rail, truck, air) for our customer's global business, and utilize our own International intermodal transport services.

We help reduce the number of days required for transportation by utilizing the most effective mode of transportation and taking care of export and import procedures, shipping, receipt, storage, and delivery.

Intermediate Trade


Tripartite trade is to transport products made overseas directly to a third country without going through Japan.
This type of transaction has been increasing due to the globalization of corporate activities.
By making full use of our overseas network we can act as a satellite for the country of Japan.

Import and Export Agency Business


We undertake the import and export business (customs clearance, trade paperwork, flight/ocean-going vessel arrange) on behalf of our customers.
We also provide door-to-door service.
A major benefit of our service is no-wasted movement through domestic distribution as well as excellent international logistics functions.

Nissan Butsuryu reliably underwrites logistics operations such as loading/unloading at port, packing,goods receipt/issue taking care of the customers footwork.